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Casino Bet US Racing Review

Bet US Racing was created in 2014 with the goal of providing its users with an all-in-one location to wager on horses and play casino games. The site is exceptionally simple to navigate because to its categorization into racing, casino, sports, and promotions drop-down menus. These are prominently displayed at the top of the screen, ensuring that members do not miss them.

Just below it, in the upper right-hand corner of the site, gamers may register for the site if they haven’t already, or log in if they have. The main drawback with the website is that it is only available in English, which is understandable considering the site’s target audience in the United States. However, gamblers are not need to download anything to their devices in order to make bets – they may do so directly on the site. This expedites the process for everyone!

Appearing Secure

Further down the Bet US Racing website’s main page is a list of media entities that have supported this platform as a safe and pleasant method to gamble on horses. ESPN and Sports Illustrated are notable appearances on the list, since they are both household brands in America as top sports media firms. As a result, when they completely promote a sports betting service such as Bet US Racing, it is a huge positive for the business. Among the other firms are USA Today and the Bleacher Report.

They are completely controlled by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission in terms of licensing in Europe. Isle of Man, a tiny island situated between the United Kingdom and Ireland, has become a preferred location for internet betting enterprises to be regulated due to its reputation as a trustworthy regulator. Players will see the site as safe since they are aware that the Isle of Man’s gambling regulatory regulations are enforced by the UK Gambling Commissioner, who is quite tough in enforcing the restrictions.

As a result, gamers can be certain that the Bet US Racing website is fair and secure. Additionally, since the website is accessible to gamers on the move through their mobile devices, registered members may place a bet on the horses regardless of their location. Despite its 2014 inception, the Bet US Racing website has already established itself as a popular gathering spot for horse racing aficionados and casino enthusiasts to socialize and wager as one.

Betting Options

Given that the website is primarily a sportsbook, and specifically horse racing, there is no question that there are a plethora of markets and betting options for users to gamble on. Sports selections are mostly focused on prominent American sports such as basketball, American football, ice hockey, and baseball. As a result, consumers seeking to gamble on historically prominent European sports may be disappointed by the paucity of available possibilities. This is the same situation for those attempting to forecast the winner by a nose or a length.

However, customers may spin a variety of slots games, whether they’ve enrolled especially for the slots or just want to take a break from the horse racing action – the selection will delight the majority. The games range in topic from traditional fruity symbols to action-packed adventures complete with bonus rounds and wilds. While the selection is not the largest, what Bet US Racing lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Additionally, users have the option of playing these games in trial mode with fictitious money – allowing them to determine for themselves whether or not to spend real money spinning the slots.

Not only are slot machines offered to players; a minor assortment of table games is also available. These include, but are not limited to, casino classics such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker. Not only are they popular among gamers, but they also provide a variety of in-play variants, allowing visitors to spice things up a little. These picks are far from dull or uninteresting; players will undoubtedly have a good time playing these games, despite the fact that this is primarily a sports betting website.

Bonus That Is Not Enough

In all honesty, the welcome bonus on the Bet US Racing website is somewhat unimpressive. Members making their first deposit on the site will be eligible for a 10% deposit incentive. Thus, individuals who immediately deposit €100 into their account will get €10 added to it. When compared to other online casinos, or even sports betting websites, this welcome package is, to put it mildly, thin.

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